Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Your ordinary home? I think not!

It is that time of year and the holidays are fast approaching. I for one can't wait to decorate pumpkins at halloween and make a gingerbread house in the winter. It is the one holiday related item that I actually enjoy. I also enjoy shopping for complete strangers, but that is for another blog. As Cheryl and Griff have heard, I DESPISE holiday music with the exception of one great song: All I want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus- Again, another blog.

Amongst the greatest of all reality shows is The Apprentice. I love the hustle and bustle of it and watching professionals make near fools of themselves. But when Donald Trump decided to pull Martha Stewart into the mix, I had to see if it was worth the watching. Boy was I completely surprised. Martha was better than the Donald, in my opinion. Not only is she more compassionate, but she never says "You're fired!". That phrase alone leaves me angry because they are in a JOB INTERVIEW, you can't be fired if you were never hired. ARGH. Regardless, it leads me to the gingerbread house of the season.

Approximately a week ago, I was doing my usual chatter with Cheryl while decorating and mentioned that a long time ago I used to enter gingerbread house competitions and how I missed it. The next day, the bakery was invited to participate in the 2005 Gingerbread Village. Ask and you shall receive right? Instantly I was appointed Gingerbread House project manager and I've accepted it with all of my being. Already, I've taken the time to make the Gingerbread house to scale, and make sure that all of the contents of the structure correctly relates to the wall sizes, openings, etc. At this point, I've secured the foundation and have created a cardboard model for all major walls and contents to make sure everything is precisely measured. I have planned to include lighting and to Griff's disappointment, I have been unable to figure out how to have plumbing, but perhaps that will be something to consider for next years project.

If you think I'm taking this project a little too seriously, perhaps you're right, but if you can't obsess about a job well done or even over done, what's left? Besides, I don't want to get the "safe travel" letter from Martha.

mmm...Gingerbread village...that means Hansel and Gretel are not far behind. I thought I was the only one who had a minor problem with the whole you're-fired-before-your-hired thing, thanks for re-affirming my sanity!
I love the Apprentice! Haven't gotten into Martha Stewart though!
I enjoy watching Martha "the Apprentice" I have a new repect for her after watching the show.
I once tried doing a ginger bread house one year,
it was hard to do - I hope you have better luck than me.
I hope you post the finished house.
I've been searching for inspiration on ginger bread houses and came across your blog can't wait to see the pictures.
Hey you.

Where did you go? I check here once in a while to see if you're still around...

Miss ya. Hope you're doing well down there.
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