Saturday, October 29, 2005


Gettin' Ready for Halloween

Halloween is approaching fast. The past two days my daughter and I have been decorating like mad women. I had this grand idea that we had to have a pumpkin village this year, and invested in about 8 pumpkins.. All the while forgetting that I’d selected small ones and the difficulty of carving something so small. Regardless I think they came out beautifully.

I love the way all of that juicy pumpkin flesh and seeds just kind of creap out and form this large orange mass, my daughter, however found it less appealing so I was the designated carver, while she took on the design role.

We even invited my neighbor over to help with the last 3 and I think the two girls did a fabulous job. At this point, the smell of pumpkins is giving me quite a large headache and isn’t quite as fabulous as pure cocoa, so I’m just acting as contributing designer while they finish body parts. I’ll be sure to post the finished products on my next blog.

sooo cute!
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