Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Too much "Whisk"y

I must have been extremely tired today because I was keeping myself completely amused with no help.

I arrived at work a little on the late side because my daughter had her last "no school because gas is too much" day. I began my morning routine of making banana pudding and then wandered over to the sink. There, in the wash side, was the monster of all whisks. It was for the BIG standing mixer. It took up at least half of the sink and for some reason it immediately began tickling my funny bone.

I imagined a card with the whisk brilliantly lit, sitting in a beach chair with a coconut shaped drink topped with an umbrella and a flamingo. The caption on the card reading "Whisk you were here."

It gets worse.

Then a stormy day, lightening and thunder, a torrential downpour; A cloaked man comes running into the bakery, grabs the whisk from the kitchen and runs out the door. Lightening crashes just missing him as I yell "You know that's a big whisk you're taking out there!"

Worse still:
There's the obvious "whisk"y business when making italian buttercream.

Perhaps the worst of them all:
Star light
star bright
first star I see tonight
I whisk I may
I whisk I might
have this whisk
I whisk tonight..

Yes, I think it's my bedtime...

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