Friday, September 30, 2005


I've gotta start somewhere

When I first began working in the food service industry, over 4 years ago, I was working in a cafe and began doing lunch prep work. I've been baking since childhood and was taught how to bake my Granny in the house oven.

I'm not exactly sure why I began baking for that cafe but all of a sudden I was doing a few special cake orders here and there. Nothing elaborate, but something different from the norm. The first cake that I recall making was a chocolate praline cake which turned out pretty good and sold excellently.

Soon after that I decided that it was a good idea to take a Wilton Cake decorating class. I signed up and took the 4 week class. I was amazed at the instructors ability to cram so much into a class where the majority of the people had literally never made a box cake mix, let alone knew the basics of cake assembly and decorations. I did learn a lot, but unfortunately only used some of the techniques when my daughter had her end of the year soccer party.

When I started at the bakery 4 months ago, I had hoped that I'd get to learn more decorationg skills, but had no idea that I had just signed up for decorating boot camp. It was probably a day or two into the training that I began decorating cupcakes and babycakes. My roses weren't bad, but they weren't up to the standard. I spent quite a few tries trying to make roses without using the"nail"- they don't teach you that in the Wilton class...

I've come a long way from where I'd been and I'm progressing pretty well as you can see. I'd love to learn more simple flowers, but for now I'll stick with the roses.

Comments: passed boot camp with flying colors. Now THAT is a cupcake :)
Love the cake stand! Where did you get it?
The cake stand actually belongs to Cheryl (Buttercream and Roses). I believe she and her husband received it as a wedding gift. If I happen to see another, I'll keep you in mind!
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