Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Early Mornings

One would think that after years of getting up at odd hours I would be adjusted to my early schedule. That is definitely not the case. I suppose I could blame it on a lot of things, but actually I just stayed up late last night.

I became way too involved in the CNBC stuff and continued my TV watching with the last show of Rock Star INXS. I was also in the process of finishing a scarf that was going to be a gift but I've decided to keep because it goes very well with my "pretentious" coat.

Anyway, Kayla decides at 5:45 that it's a very good time to wake me up and have me sign papers. She does have to be at the bus stop fairly early, but not early enough to warrant a 5:45 wake up call. I was grumpy at this, but figured, since I'm up, I should be doing my weekly 6 am Yoga workout on the Health Network. I started, and in the beginning, it felt amazing, I needed to really stretch my back and it was doing the trick. That is until I got stuck in one pose-the triangle. I'm not quite sure why I thought I could actually do it, since I had to hoist my legs with great momentum. I didn't think that I'd be stuck suffocating on my chest because my feet were stuck over my head. That exercise was not feeling as good as I thought, I was getting light headed and was only able to whisper "help" because god only knows where my esophagus went to.. It was probably still laying on the floor where the rest of me should have been. Fortunately Kayla came to my rescue and I decided that deep breathing for the remainder of the thirty minutes would be just as therapeutic. I finished the remainder of the morning doing my usual 30 minute rush and was soon out the door.

Yuuum! I'll take mine with powdered sugar & syrup and some apple smoked bacon on Sunday morning thank you very much. :) Looks deeelicious!!
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